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The Fantastica Cat Club is a UK All Breed Cat Club affiliated to The International Cat Association (TICA)

We are an All Breed Cat Club and cats and kittens of all breeds can be entered in our shows, this of course includes Household Pets which by the way can also gain TICA titles! We are happy to welcome exhibitors from TICA, Felis Britannica and GCCF. We offer a buddy scheme for first time exhibitors and our shows have a 'Ring School' at the beginning of the day to explain just how the TICA Ring Judging system works. We also have a help page for first time TICA exhibitors which explains in layman's terms how a TICA Show works .

Fantastica Cat Club is committed to bringing TICA Shows to the South & West of England and our aim is to bring TICA to the West Country. All our shows will be vetted shows and we hope we can encourage new exhibitors to give TICA a try, we feel sure that exhibitors and cats alike will thoroughly enjoy the TICA Ring Judging format and will embrace what TICA is all about...........Fun, Felines and Friendship!!!!

We invite our judges from all over the world including USA, Canada, France, Austria, Denmark and the UK. We hope to encourage exhibitors from all over the UK Eire and Europe.



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