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If your cat is registered with the GCCF you must email the GCCF office informing them of your intention to enter a TICA show detailing the name, registration number of your cat and date of the TICA Show. Other registries may have similar rules so please check with the relevant body your cat is registered with.

The GCCF 13 Day Rule will apply to our TICA Show. This means that you cannot enter a cat into our show if any of the cats from your household have attended a GCCF show within 13 days of 27/28 June prior to the day you wish to attend. This rule is enforced by the GCCF.

Kittens become Adults at 8 months of age.

It is your responsibility to check your entry confirmation is correct in addition to the printed information in the catalogue. Instructions to cheange the confirmation will be part of the details you will receive via email in advance of the Show. However, if the information contained in the Catalogue on the day of the Show is incorrect you should contact the Master Clerk or Show Manager so that the Judges books can be corrected before your cat is judged.
Your cat does not need to be registered with TICA to enter their first show, however, should your cat gain a Title it would need to be registered to claim this title. We can give assistance with this.  

There will be a session before judging starts to explain the method of judging and how points are awarded. You are encouraged to attend this. However if you need a mentor then please ask the Show Manager and we will endeavour to find someone to assist you.

Although the format is relaxed Show Rules will be strictly adhered to.  

More detailed information regarding guidance and show rules can be found at www.tica.org.

Above all have fun, enjoy the day and good luck!



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